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Whether in the pre-design planning stage with the design team or providing shop drawings to the Electrical or Low Voltage Specialty Contractor, SAFE will provide an efficient process to expedite our scope of work and your project. As an independent professional engineering firm we have the ability to work across the multi-disciplined project team to support our customers need for project documentation and coordination. SAFE will lower your engineering costs, Increase your project accuracy and reduce your plan review time.

Fire Alarm System Design

When discerning property owners in Alaska, the Inland Empire and the Pacific Northwest need fire alarm system design assistance, they come to SAFE Consulting. Our reputation for unmatched service quality reflects far more than just our hands-on experience: We've proven ourselves to be across-the-board leaders in domains including electrical consulting, electrical engineering, project management and signal systems engineering. Combined with our credentials and intense work ethic, these competencies make us the premier resource for fire alarm engineering solutions that satisfy enterprise needs.

Purposeful, Proactive Fire Alarm Design Services and Safety Engineering

Fire safety devices can only save lives when they're designed and used intelligently. Whether they serve trillion-dollar data centers, residential blocks, trendy watering holes or manufacturing startups, alarm systems must suit the spaces and business constraints in question.

To us, proactive engineering goes beyond merely needing to install more smoke detectors in larger spaces or link early warning devices to security systems. We specialize in thinking about the planning problems that most people don't even know they ought to consider. From alarms designed for high-noise-background industrial settings to gas control systems that save lives in smoky rooms, we're experts at creating fire safety systems that perform in as many conditions as possible.

Staying Up to Code Shouldn't Be Hard

Building codes can seem overwhelming. Your building's fire safety system must adhere to local laws regarding alarm placement, testing schedules, performance and countless other factors. If you use hazardous manufacturing equipment or certain dangerous tools, then you might need to install a specific kind of fire alert or suppression system to comply with workplace safety regulations. As a business owner, it can be hard to keep up with your obligations.

Working with Safe Consulting takes the hassle out of compliance. We comply with local and national codes to ensure that businesses can move forward instead of backpedaling. In addition to designing systems from scratch and helping companies augment their existing facilities, we also provide construction leaders with the seasoned engineering perspectives they need to realize profitable projects.

Our team leverages a variety of standards to ensure that our compliance practices are up-to-date. Our staff holds NICET IV, III and PE licensure, and we're NEC-, IBC= and NFPA-compliant. No matter what you're trying to build, renovate or design, we have the proven knowledge to help you take your plans from the concept stages to the drafting table and beyond. We also have the insights to help you tackle permitting head-on.

Powering the Way You Do Business

Fire is known to adapt, and we do so in kind. We've created fire and electrical systems for businesses, schools, municipalities, governments and other facilities representing a truly varied range of verticals. Regardless of how unique your use case or business model may be, we have the know-how to help you pursue your dreams safely.

As a full-service, fully in-house engineering provider, we're adept at coming up with answers to tough business questions. Need to plan an intelligent response system that prioritizes high-value areas? We can help. Want to implement a fire alarm system design that remains easy to maintain even in the face of changing codes and regulations? Talk to us about creating a fully documented setup that supports your operational continuity. When you've got a business to run, our comprehensive services make it easier to focus on what's important.

Your Next Construction Project Deserves a Thorough Contingency Plan

Although building rules are designed to minimize the likelihood that fires will lead to disastrous outcomes, it's not always easy to anticipate how events might play out in real life. When a difference of milliseconds could determine whether someone lives or perishes, it's critical to engineer for the worst possible cases.

We take a unique approach to fire alarm design by baking in reliability engineering practices from the start. Our team includes experts who hail from many diverse engineering and safety domains, so it's never been easier to complete projects that function as intended while enhancing profitability.

Discover Why Safe Consulting Fire Alarm Design Services Are the Industry Standard

We're well-known for our excellence, but our clients aren't the only ones who approve. As providers of continued professional education in the electrical field, our expertise is more than idle speculation: It's a verifiable fact.

Don't leave your fire alarm design or the future of your enterprise up to chance. Contact a fire alarm engineering specialist at Safe Consulting today.

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