Converge Security System Design:

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While physical security integration is nothing new. The open platform IT or IoT based approach is gaining steam with all of the new additions and the much higher level of functionality. The IT network is now fully capable of supporting most security devices using POE and with those innovations also comes the reduced cost of updates and additions. Most IoT devices function in a peer to peer environment and the build-out can be as many or as few devices required without regard to any kind of system or controller limitations.

Access Control Systems:

Most people associate the access control system with card readers but it is much more than that. With the advent of affordable analytics the access control system can send alerts from the CCTV system. Cameras can operate as a second level of identification or as the reader itself using license plate recognition. The entire system can be placed on lock-down where only the emergency personal have unlimited access. On a recent high-rise we used the access control system design to perform emergency elevator evacuation and connected it to the fire alarm system. The integration possibilities are limitless and largely free of charge.


Probably the single most important security system design we offer. It acts both as a deterrent and as an acceptable form of evidence, if designed and installed correctly. The network video recorders have become so powerful and efficient that it is not unusual to see hundreds of IP cameras deployed on a single servers VMS. Cloud based platforms are taking over the smaller market and integrating with the devices we carry daily. Access control, CCTV & Security on one app is now the norm.

Intrusion Detection Systems:

We all remember the stand-alone burglar alarm panels with all of their faults. The intrusion detection systems have both integration and communication to the central station, it functions with a built-in the access control system or the access control system is built-in to the intrusion system or the more aptly named Converged Security System. The days of dispatching the police on an alarm without some form of secondary verification are long gone. The intrusion alarm with video verification & two way voice verification greatly increases our security unlike the burglar alarm panel systems of the past.

Entry Intercom:

The entry intercom portion of the converged security system has really grown into the 21st century and now provides functionality and integration with the rest of your building like never before. The IP connection powers the whole unit, which communicates to the access control system and is now compatible with all of the wireless mobile technologies. Phone lines have been replaced with SIP trunks, costs reduced and the security has never been easier to use. The transition from clunky analog technology to IP has allowed the overall reduction in system cost, while greatly expanding the functionality and features of the system.