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Fire Alarm Design & Engineering

Whether your building a sixty unit or a six hundred unit project you will find that SAFE has the expertise to complete your fire alarm design. The team at SAFE specializes in life safty systems of which the fire alarm is the anchor. The life safety network if you will. With new requirements for survivability across the network it has become more important to integrate the complete life safety package into one expandable network. The cost savings are an obvious benefit but the delays in permitting and deferred submittals also have an impact on your project. There is no advantage in waiting for a sub-contractor later in the project to provide a design outside of the initial design team. That design is often times not coordinated with your existing MEP-FP design. SAFE can provide the permit ready drawings ahead of time and reduce the risks of delays later in the project. Our design of non-proprietary fire alarm systems allow you to pick the installation contractor much later in the process while having a permit and fully coordinated shop drawings in hand. Our developer partners are much more likely to be able to compare apples to apples bids rather than varying designs with unknown risks.  Read more.

Smoke Control Systems Design

As our customers build larger buildings the need for smoke control systems has become a major design element. SAFE has become expertly qualified in all phases of smoke control design and coordination. Smoke Control systems design consists of many subject matter experts including mechanical, fire protection engineering, electrical and fire alarm. SAFE and our partners can provide smoke control engineering services from the first steps of the rational analysis all of the way through the final inspection and occupancy of your project.   Read more.

Emergency Radio Repeater Systems Design

A relatively new addition to the life safety systems scope of work is the DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) or BDA (Bi-directional Amplifier) used in public safety radio enhancement projects. SAFE has FCC licensed designers who model your project before it is ever built to produce ERRS shop drawings for permitting. This method provides a long term solution to code conformance. The ERRS system is integrated with the fire alarm and emergency power systems to provide the required radio coverage needed by our first responders in case of an emergency in your building. 

Converged Security System Design

The security design portion of our business has become much more affordable and available to our customers. There was a time when all of the low voltage systems were stand-alone proprietary systems out of reach to all but the largest integrators and contractors. The separation of CCTV, Access control, Intrusion and Entry Intercom systems was not efficient and was very expensive. Most of our new projects today consist of a security network which integrates all of our designs into one non-proprietary integrated system saving time and money and allowing for upgrades and expansions as needed. The open architecture IP based platform has revolutionized the converged security market. Our design team constantly trains on the latest developments in the converged security market. Read more

Electrical Engineering in the Design\Build Market

SAFE specializes in working with electrical contractors in the design\build arena. Most of SAFE's largest customers are in fact electrical contractors who leverage our knowledge and deliverables in both the electrical and low voltage fields into a successful installation while self-performing every aspect of a project. The team approach is key for our customers to be successful. Our knowledge in several vertical markets allows our customers to grow their business and expand their installation expertise. Like many companies coming out of the Pacific NW we leverage our technology to become more efficient and collaborative partners. The days of fax machines and on site meetings are largely behind us and SAFE continues to actively upgrade our systems and extend that functionality to our customers.  

Existing Building Design Services using a Risk Analysis Approach

The codes and standards required to build a new building are updated every three years. With the exception of a few life safety systems existing buildings are largely exempt from compliance. SAFE can provide a risk analysis for existing properties in both the Life Safety and Converged Security arenas. A Risk Analysis can be used to leverage your existing maintenance budget to allow planned upgrades and expansions to follow a master plan of priorities. This allows the owners and managers to make spending decisions based on long term goals while solving short term problems.


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